What is Boowme ?

Boowme is a Dating App specifically designed for people who live in North Africa & Middle East ; considering the cultural aspects, level of religiosity and traditions of the region. Unlike other dating apps that prioritize quantity over quality, Boowme is all about creating a safe and secure platform where users, especially women can have selective and meaningful conversations without harassment. We’ve broken the rules of traditional dating apps by limiting the number of conversations and filtering inappropriate and disrespectful content.

What makes us different ?

The world’s first dating app that offers a unique concept :

  • Safe environment : We help people find love and build meaningful connections in a respectful environment without uncomfortable interactions and harassment. We strictly prohibit any involvement or promotion of prostitution in our app.
  • No Ghosting : We did it ! Boowme was designed to chase ghosts ! Breaking up without explanation is not possible.
  • Time saver : Finding a person who aligns with your cultural, religious, and lifestyle values is a multifaceted endeavor, demanding considerable time and dedication. Optimize your journey by engaging in our diverse “Match Tests,” unlocking time-saving shortcuts and profound insights into your chosen profiles.
  • No multidating : As in real life, we don’t meet a hundred people every day; with Boowme, you will talk only with people who you care about.
Is Boowme free ?

Boowme is an application born out of the dedication and expertise of a passionate team since 2019. Our aim is to provide you with a cutting-edge concept and a unique experience. We have meticulously studied and analyzed every aspect that contributes to long-lasting and thriving romantic and marital relationships in the Arab world, emphasizing values such as respect, love, and sharing.

Currently, Boowme is available to you at no cost as we validate our unique concept. However, in the near future, we anticipate the need to transition to a paid model to ensure the continued delivery of an exceptional service. Rest assured, we remain committed to observing and drawing inspiration from our rich culture and traditions to develop features and services that empower you to find your soulmate while fostering love and benevolence within our community.

On which devices can I access Boowme ?

You can access Boowme on your mobile devices by downloading it from Play Store for Android phones. Meanwhile, Boowme’s team is working to make it available on the App Store on Iphone very soon.

What is the minimum age requirement to have a Boowme account ?

To create a Boowme account, you must be at least 18 years old.

How can I sign up on the Boowme App ?

There are three ways to sign up for Boowme : through your Google Account, your Facebook account, or your phone number.

Why am I unable to complete my registration ?

If you’re experiencing difficulties during the account creation process, it may indicate that one or more pieces of information were entered incorrectly. We have provided instructions for each step of the process, and we encourage you to follow them carefully to ensure a successful registration. If you encounter any roadblocks, please feel free to submit a complaint and we will be happy to help you.

Can I have more than one account on Boowme ?

To ensure a great experience on Boowme, each individual is entitled to create only one account. Therefore, having multiple accounts is not permitted.

Can I edit my username ?

You won’t be able to change your username once your account is created, so make sure it suits your personality.

If you still want to change your username, we invite you to make a request to our support.

Can I update my gender on Boowme ?

To ensure an authentic experience while finding your perfect match, please note that once your account is created, the gender selection cannot be changed. So make sure to provide the most accurate information during the registration process to maximize your chances of finding your partner.

If you still want to change your gender, we encourage you to submit a request to our support team.

How to enable Boowme notifications ?

Want to stay up to date and receive all the latest updates about your interactions ? Simply activate the notifications button located in the settings.

How to verify my profile ?

Verifying your profile will help you gain the trust of your matches. To verify your profile, we request that you send us a photo of yourself holding a sheet of paper containing specific information :

The photo must meet the following conditions :

  • Write on a clean sheet of paper, your full name and username.
  • Include your hand holding the sheet of paper, as well as your entire face.
  • The photo should be clear and well it.
  • The photo should be saved as a JPEG file.

Once you have completed the steps, our teams will carefully process your request to verify your profile as soon as possible and it will appear on your setting profile.

During registration, I blurred my photos. Can I change this later on ?

Certainly ! You can change this option at any time in the settings. You have the following choices:

  • Never reveal your photos.
  • Always reveal your photos.
  • Reveal your photos when you like someone’s profile.
  • Reveal your photos when you match with someone.

Be aware that profiles with blurred photos have fewer interactions, we invite you to reveal your pictures to have more chances to meet your life partner.

How to edit my profile ?

Improve your chances of finding love by completing your profile in the settings and enriching it with Bio and lifestyle photos/videos through the “Edit My Profile” icon.

How to add photos to my profile ?

By clicking on the “Edit My Profile” icon, you can scroll down and add photos to your gallery. Feel free to upload the pictures you desire, as this will increase your chances of matching.

How to change the language of Boowme’s App ?

Boowme offers three different language options to use  the application. You can choose between English, French, or Arabic. Here’s how:

  1. Go to the application settings.
  2. Scroll down to “App Language.”
  3. Select the language that suits you best.
How to disable my account ?

You can disable your account, which will make it not visible to others profiles. By disabling it, all your information will be retained, so you can reactivate your account at any time.

To disable your account, go to the settings, scroll to the bottom, and you’ll find the option to disable your account.

How to delete my account ?

We’re sorry to hear about your decision. Instead of deleting your account, we suggest disabling it to ensure you don’t lose your data. 

To disable your account, go to the settings, scroll to the bottom, and you’ll find the option to disable your account.

To delete your account, go to the settings, scroll to the bottom, and you’ll find the option to delete your account.

Why does Boowme ask for your location ?

Boowme needs access to your current location, so you can meet people nearby, and you can also choose not to appear to people situated in a particular city.

Additionally, by using our “filter” icon, you can select by country/city where your match live

It’s important to note that enabling location is crucial because it allows other profiles to find you.

I am not able to share my location, could you help ?

If you have denied location access to the application from your phone, you need to reactivate it in your phone’s settings.

For Android users :

  1. Go to Settings and select Boowme under Applications.
  2. Tap on Permissions and select Location.
How to match with someone ?

There are three different ways to match with a profile :

  • While swiping, click on the like icon or swipe right. Once the profile likes you back, it’s a match.
  • From the profile you’re interested in, send a “Tap to Impress”. If the profile reciprocates the interest and clicks on the “match” icon, it’s a match !
  • If you receive a like or a message from a profile on your wall, you can click on the match icon at any time to create a match.
How to initiate a lock with a profile ?

Before initiating a lock with someone, you must have already matched. At that point, you’ll have the option to start a conversation in the “Request” section of LOCKS, where you can exchange up to three messages each before requesting the lock.

Once you send your lock request, your match will have 24 hours to accept. If he/she doesn’t respond within that time, the lock request will be declined.

How to unlock a profile ?

You can unlock a profile for several reasons : 

  • You feel that it’s not your match.
  • You are experiencing harassment and discrimination or receiving inappropriate content.
  • You think that is a fake account or others.

To simply quit the conversation or block/report this profile, click on the “Unlock” icon, on the top right of the main conversation and unlock this profile.

When you unlock someone, the conversation will be visible in the “Unlocked Chats” tab.

How to start a conversation with someone ?

You can only start a conversation with someone once you match. At that point, You can lock it directly or send up to three messages each before locking the conversation.

If you haven’t received a match yet, it’s just a matter of time !

Can I have more than 5 locks ?

As in real life, we don’t meet a hundred people every day; With Boowme, you will talk only with people who you care about. So, having more than 5 locks simultaneously is not allowed. Therefore, you need to carefully choose profiles with whom you wish to chat. If you want to lock a new profile, you’ll need to unlock a profile of your choice first.

How to report/block a profile ?

We take the safety of our users very seriously and appreciate you taking the time to report any suspicious behavior. If you feel unsafe, suspect a fake profile, or encounter nudity or other inappropriate content, you can report it to us.

There are two different ways to report/block a profile on Boowme:

  • From their profile: Simply scroll down the screen and tap on the “Block or Report” button. Then, select the reason for your report and confirm your request.
  • From a conversation: Click on the “Unlock” icon within the conversation, choose your reason, and follow the steps. At that point, the profile will be unlocked, and you can find the conversation in the “Unlocked Chats” tab.

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