About  Boowme 

Boowme is a Dating App specifically designed for people who live in North Africa & Middle East; considering the cultural aspects, level of religiosity and traditions of the region. Unlike other dating apps that prioritize quantity over quality, Boowme is all about creating a safe and secure platform where users, especially women can have selective and meaningful conversations without harassment. We’ve broken the rules of traditional dating apps by limiting the number of conversations and filtering inappropriate and disrespectful content.

In Arab countries, dating apps are perceived as very conservative ones; we noticed no apps in between so, we come with Boowme app ! the dating app that understands the nuances of Arab culture and habits in relationships.. Boowme is the first application in the world that offers anti-ghosting feature! ending a conversation without any explanation is not possible. Also Boowme’s configuration discourages prostitution and over-solicitation.