What are the pillars of a relationship?

Love must be built. And for a couple to be fulfilled and happy, it must respect some fundamental pillars. Here are four essential pillars to maintain a fulfilled and happy relationship?

  • Two-person projects

Certainly, it is important that you have projects in common, but to want them at the same time is much better. Your projects must be built according to your wishes and your values ​​(wanting children, getting married, etc.).

If the projects with two are important, it is also essential that you have some alone. Personal projects are also part of a lasting relationship. Projects alone or with your partner, do not forget to talk about it among yourselves. Discussing your desires proves to the other that you trust them.

If communication, passion, trust and joint projects are the four fundamental pillars of a couple, others such as creativity also play a major role in the stability of a life together. By introducing new things into your daily life as a couple (which you both like), you will manage to break the monotony and break the routine.

  • Trust

Here is another essential pillar of a married life. The person you trust tells you things clearly and criticizes you when necessary. But in any case, she does not want to make you change. It is also important that you learn to trust yourself. To do this, set yourself limits that you cannot exceed.

Another point to consider: doing activities without your partner is essential to escape from your routine.

  • Passion 

If most of the time the beginning of a relationship is synonymous with absolute happiness, over time, routine can set in. For a couple to last, it is important that they maintain a certain intimacy. A date just for two once a week, weekends only with your spouse to get together or moments alone are all habits to put in place to strengthen your intimacy and maintain the passion between you.

  • Communication

Communication in a couple is the basis. It is important to avoid falling into routine. Discussing your feelings, your emotions, the things that bother us is essential for the other to understand us. By not speaking, your spouse cannot guess what you are feeling, what you are thinking. And this can be a source of misunderstandings and tensions.

In summary, expressing ourselves about what we feel, what pains us or what makes us happy is essential to strengthen your relationship, understand each other and improve your life together. Communication is a step that must take place without fear and with mutual respect.

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